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BJP cancels plans to release manifesto. Claims chargesheet on UPA is adequate.

Our undercover reporter has reported that the manifesto has been put on hold with party leaders arguing that it is entirely unnecessary to clarify their stand on controversial issues and lose votes. The chargesheet against the UPA shows how serious BJP is about a Congress free India, and that is … Continue reading

Nationwide celebrations on the fifth Anniversary of RTE Act

It is a historic moment. India completes five years of the phenomenal achievement of making the freedom of education compulsory. There are celebrations nationwide as children perform impromptu demonstrations of what they have learned. Legends state that those who diligently perform pranks on this day gain the eternal approval of … Continue reading

New Jantar Mantar In Varanasi

Guest post by superspy Itch Guard salesman, Prashant Khanna. Stocks expected to boom soon. To ensure continuity in his ‘Dharnas’ without any break, Aam Aadmi Supremo Arvind Kejriwal today ordered UP chief minister to construct a new ‘Jantar Mantar’ in Varanasi. Mr. Kejriwal was pensive and appeared slightly concerned about … Continue reading

An outrage against authentic disinformation

convoluted political propaganda infographic

The unbelievable has happened. A website reported our news of Julian Assange (friend of Rahul Gandhi) endorsing Modi, and spread it around. Jealous members of the Anarchist Aadmi Party (sponsored by Ford Foundation) contacted Wikileaks (known Congress stooge) and Wikileaks denied that they had said all that. Imagine! They actually … Continue reading