Kiran Bedi to endorse a sanitary napkin brand

Kiran Bedi, Toasting Toaster

Mumbai: In a quite surprising move a top notch FMCG conglomerate has roped in Ms. Kiran Bedi to endorse their brand of sanitary napkins “Niceper”. An endorsement deal of undisclosed amount has been established between the two parties this Thursday for two years. A tier-1 ad agency located in South … Continue reading

Investigative report: The AAP-BJP alcohol link

AAP volunteer drunk in some or the other place

The truth behind the curious incident in Varanasi, where the normally peace loving BJP workers appeared to assault the Anarchist Aadmi Party volunteers is stunning. All the claims of the Anarchist Aadmi Party have been proved lies, and India Today, who has made sensational revelations about the ugly side of … Continue reading

Cheatan to star Modi in Revolution 2014. ~ @arhn7

By now everyone has heard about the Cheatan and Modi selfie. Modi ji not only tweeted his selfie with Cheatan but also wished Cheatan on his birthday. What more can a semi popular author ask for. Cheatan is returning the favor by starring Modi in his next movie ‘Revolution 2014’. … Continue reading

Nationwide celebrations on the fifth Anniversary of RTE Act

It is a historic moment. India completes five years of the phenomenal achievement of making the freedom of education compulsory. There are celebrations nationwide as children perform impromptu demonstrations of what they have learned. Legends state that those who diligently perform pranks on this day gain the eternal approval of … Continue reading

Sneak peak poster of upcoming thriller Gujarat is not Enough

imposter poster gujarat is not enough

Film production house The Unreal Times has released the first poster of its upcoming Loksabha Thriller titled Gujarat is not enough. The poster makes the stunning revelation that after Alok Nath’s stunning debut as himself in Nayak 2, it is Modi’s turn to play himself in the political thriller Gujarat … Continue reading

Mukesh Ambani sings song for Arvind Kejriwal’s send off party

Corporate event manager Jay Hind recently leaked a video of a private function organized by Reliance Industries Limited for the newly departing Chief Minister of Delhi, Nayak 2, Kejriwal. Inspired by Gujarat Chief Minister and his Prime Minister candidate Narendrabhai Modi, Mukesh Ambani dedicated a song to the country on … Continue reading