Angel tattoo mysteriously becomes Narendra Modi on hearing a speech

modi face morphed onto woman back

An amazing miracle has come to light. BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog, a scientific organization that conducts research of claims into paranormal happenings recently certified that a woman who had an angel tattoo on her back heard a Narendra Modi speech and felt a burning sensation on her back. The speech … Continue reading

Rahul Gandhi interview by Arnab Goswami (the inside story) #liveblog

The Rahul Gandhi interview on Times Now is news even before it happens. We have our reporter undercover behind the scenes, and we are committed to bring to you everything that paid media hides from your sharp gaze. The countdown begins. Stay with us, as we report everything that is … Continue reading

Film review: Nayak 2 – The Common Man rises

The political research organization All India Bakchod recently released for the first time an analytical documentary film about India’s historic meteoric charismatic leader, Arvind Kejriwal. A landmark piece of cinema, the film is a super compressed concentrate of cinematographic proficiency and a seamless confluence of several styles. Beginning with a … Continue reading