An outrage against authentic disinformation

convoluted political propaganda infographic

The unbelievable has happened. A website reported our news of Julian Assange (friend of Rahul Gandhi) endorsing Modi, and spread it around. Jealous members of the Anarchist Aadmi Party (sponsored by Ford Foundation) contacted Wikileaks (known Congress stooge) and Wikileaks denied that they had said all that. Imagine! They actually … Continue reading

RSS hand confirmed in Rahul Gandhi interview with Arnab Goswami

rahul gandhi interview arnab goswami

It has now been confirmed that there was an RSS hand in Arnab Goswami’s media outlet. Coming out all guns blaring Congress has accused Arnab of being paid media and declared that Congress Party members will never ever ever never ever give him an interview again. “It is betrayal,” confided … Continue reading