Marriage certificate mandatory for buying condom: Dr. Harshvardhan

A shopkeeper refusing to handover condom to a buyer as he fails to show his marriage-certificate

New Delhi: After suggesting that Indians should wear values instead of condoms and that abstinence and faithful relationships are more important to contain HIV virus than condoms, India’s Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan has come up with a new innovative idea. From now onwards, it would be mandatory to display your marriage certificate … Continue reading

BJP election campaign reunites friends separated in childhood

They had been inseparable. Friends forever. Or so they thought, till Anil’s parents had a transfer and had to move out of town. Tearful farewells followed, as did promises to stay in touch forever. Alas, that was the world before internet and two little boys could not do the postcards … Continue reading

Rising infidelity in India due to Aam Aadmi Party

The research organization Twitter has come up with incredible data on a problem that has been bothering patriotic individuals for a long time. The rising divorce rates in India. Turns out that the rates of romances breaking up are even higher, but cannot be measured through statistics, becayuse (d’uh) romances … Continue reading