EXPOSED!!! Aamir Khan behind Modi’s speech problems

Chatur Modi victim of Aamir Khan's evil designs

An evil plan by the Pakistani agent Aamir Khan working to spread Anarchist Aadmi Party for complete apocalypse of India and the end of civilization as we know it has been exposed by accident after a recent speech by Narendra Modi. While the organized crowd was quite respectful, three covert … Continue reading

EXPOSED! CIA destabilizing India through Anarchist Aadmi Party

letter from CIA to Ford Foundation

A dangerous CIA  – Mossad Ford Foundation – RAW ISI conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan BJP India has been exposed by Dr Harshvardhan and the investigative organization BJP. Dr Harshvarshan has released proofs that Shimrit Lee, an American student, is actually no young student, but an extremely advanced android created in secret … Continue reading

Beware! The Muslims are coming

BJP hate propaganda

An alarming development in South India is the sudden influx of Muslims with “lite” versions of the Pakistani flag. Sickular are in denial. “The Pakistani flag has a white strip denoting minorities with a pole going through it. Just like real life.” However, we know better. A patriotic expert has … Continue reading