Journalist asks ‘Kya yahan Modi lehar hai?” at restaurant, gets menu card instead

Prominent TimesNow journalist Mallika Bhatt’s Election Special evoked mixed reactions on Friday when Ms. Bhatt, reporting “on the ground” for the 2014 polls, decided to check out the voter’s pulse at the Udupi King restaurant. Out of sheer habit, Ms. Bhatt thrust the mike at a customer Ramesh Kumar – … Continue reading

Cheatan to star Modi in Revolution 2014. ~ @arhn7

By now everyone has heard about the Cheatan and Modi selfie. Modi ji not only tweeted his selfie with Cheatan but also wished Cheatan on his birthday. What more can a semi popular author ask for. Cheatan is returning the favor by starring Modi in his next movie ‘Revolution 2014’. … Continue reading

Congress and Samajwadi Party conspiracy to sabotage Narmada pipeline

Samajwadi Party and Congress conspiracy

Taking advantage of Modi’s open invitations for various Chief Ministers to drive cars in the Narmada pipelines, Samajwadi Party and Corrupt Congress party conspired to make Modi look foolish in front of paid media. Ashok Ghelot, Tarun Gogoi, Shiela Dixit (when she was CM) and Akhilesh Yadav, who had all … Continue reading