Sting operation on Namo tea stall reveals shocking reality

Undercover investigative news service Jay Hind recently conducted a sting operation at a Namo tea shop and found evidence of massive fraud. The tea is delivered without any special efficiency and the tea stall owner turned out to be someone looking to make a quick buck and not a Namo supporter at all.

Jay Hind released this cautionary video warning viewers that as elections approach, various sub-standard stalls may exploit the election budgets of political parties to drum up business, but in reality the recipe for the tea has not been provided by Modi. Here is the shocking expose.

However, experts claim that Jay Hind may actually be paid media in spite of their claims of making videos on their own expense, as most of the video exposes a Namo tea stall, while it glosses over the Rahul lassi stall and makes it appear that it is the solution to bad tea from Namo stalls.

Defending Rahul Gandhi’s lassi recipe, Congress has released a statement saying that if the recipe is genuine, there is nothing to expose.

Jay Hind has refused to comment saying that the integrity of their work speaks for itself.

Editor’s note: This entry has been filed under crime, because longstanding research establishes that serving poor quality tea is a crime against humanity.

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