Adani group to launch Adani Air

After Modi’s stunning victory in the Lok Sabha polls and the commencement of a massive phase of India’s Modification, Adani group has announced the launch of Adani Air – a new premium airline. Inside sources say this is the real reason for the rise in Adani stock over the last couple of days.

In the tried and tested formula of corporate puppet excellent governments, the Modi government too is expected to outsource anything that it can find a crony to profit from and the biggest spending on the horizon is from the Giriraj Deportation Scheme.

Giriraj Singh

Giriraj Singh

Even more inside sources have informed us that Adani Air is expected to provide the travel arangements for Giriraj Deportation Scheme, as none of the airlines currently operational in India have the capacity to evacuate over half its population and the Modi government will not take kindly to inadequate services. Adani Air claims to understand Modi’s requirements from an airline well and is thus expected to be uniquely suited to bid for the Scheme.

Giriraj Singh, after whom the scheme is to be named spoke off the record, saying that in a Modi government, everything is managed by Modi or his holograms selected people, but the scheme will cover special flights to Pakistan, because everyone knows that Pakistan is the natural Mecca of liberals and Modi critics.

Modi is keen for the travel arrangements to be top class so that he cannot be accused of anything later.

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