Power Crisis Hits Delhi

New Delhi: The capital of India has been under unprecedented power crisis. The situation has deteriorated over the last few weeks. Delhi junta has not seen such a crisis in the last 15 years.

Pankaj Kapur, who hates himself when people mistake him for a Kapoor with an “o”, said, “I misread BJP slogan. The slogan clearly said herr herr Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi. What we didn’t realize that when Modi comes home, he takes the power. It’s a fact”

Toasting Toaster, now a resident editor- at- Patiala for Fek le on investigation found that Modi government was quite unaware of the mounting situation at hand. Apparently energy ministry document send to PMO highlighted the file as “Power Crisis”. PMO was perplexed at the title when they knew BJP was in full power and there was no crisis swaying on them. The babus at PMO came to the conclusion that as all regular work in the ministerial sector, this file must have been from the last government and may have reached PMO now. They remembered the frequent ally disturbance in UPA-II and set aside the file. Apparently the regular office boy at PMO, one Mr. Shashank Diwedi popularly called as panditji in the PMO saw the file and said “Sir, yeh light ki samasaaya hain”. With the utterace of the most regular word “Light gayi”, the whole PMO got to task to try to restore the light crisis that has hit in Delhi.

The PMO has passed on the blame to Power Ministry for not using the normal lingo on the file and using Americanized version usage like “Power” instead of saffronized “Bijili” or “light”. When enquired, the Kitchen cabinet of PMO said its business as usual.

Toasting Toaster on a quest to identify the mood of the city went first to the BJP Mahila morcha president Mrs. Baweja. She clarified that Modiji had only promised aache din and not aache raath. She has advised the citizens to go to office in the day and stay there till 7 which is what aache din means. Insiders at BJP Headquarters in Nagpur says that it is a strategy to boost economy by making the working population spend more time at office. They revealed the grand plan on keeping the anonymity. Fek le would not be able to write more on the grand plan without revealing the insider name.

piyush Goyal, BJp

i dont know anything,. talk to my OSD


Swami guruji has categorically said that “Our Hindu ancestors never had electricity. We are working towards attaining Hindu ancestry heritage.” BJP has yet again dumped his comment, however he is getting unusual support from a group called HRS based in Maharashtra.

News has come in that a huge puja has been organized by the OSD of Power Ministry with support of Baba Ramdev to Devi Vidyut for taking the country out of the this mess. Piyush Goyal, Energy minister is under tremendous pressure and the only solution is knocking on the doors of Devi Vidyut. Devi Vidyut is punishing us for using uninterrupted power supply for 15 years.

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