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Nandu Lal Saxena, twenty two, a resident of Gurgaon, seemed very frustrated and depressed on the evening of April 19. “Yeh kya chu*****a hai yaar” he said when his friends asked him what was wrong.

Kaveri Kalamlkar, 32, housewife and a resident of Akola in Maharashtra was also very pensive when her husband took her out to eat pav bhaji on a road side stall.

This feeling depression and frustration seems to be spreading across a lot of people aged between 18-35 across various cities in India. Behind this depression lies a deep rooted question, Whats Next ? “Its a question of our employment” says Vishwanath, 19, college student and resident of Chennai.

As the elections get in their final phase, a large number of youth seems to be entering in a rather disturbing phase. People like Vishwanath are now worried that they may not remain employed anymore once the elections are over. The period before these elections has seen a lot of solid internet and social media campaigning and it was people like Vishwanath who burnt their mid night oil battling supporters of rival parties in the comments sections of various news sites. Vishwanath says, “I made good amount of pocket money submitting routine scripted replies to people in comment section of news site, my gf was also happy because I gave her many gifts during this time. But now elections are ending and my source of income might be disappearing soon.”

We received a similar reaction from Kaveri, she said “we are only middle class people and posting random comments and pictures in support of party helped get some extra cash in hand. It was not hard you know, just choose some random pictures from internet and photoshop them together and write a caption”

Raju Popat, who is very active on social media is planning the inception of Online Volunteers organization which will be much similar to traditional Labour Unions. He thinks the ‘army’, as he would like to call it, also needs someone to represent them and fight for their rights like basic pay per hour and other benefits.

Ranjan Singh, a student in his final year of engineering however was happy, he was glad that elections are now getting over and after all his hardwork of flooding social media with posts his employer might finally get elected. “there will be so much development and so many jobs all around” he quoted.

Arvind Sabarwal from Anarchist Aadmi Party however found a controversy in this too, he is off the opinion that if party comes to power then there would no job creation but job depletion as a lot of these paid volunteers would loose jobs as there is no requirement of posting blatant comments and photoshoped pictures now.

Only time will tell what the future holds but spiritual guru Sri Sri Raviprasad predicted that there might be hung parliament and therefore the online army will still be needed.

-with inputs from selected commoners.

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