Kiran Bedi to endorse a sanitary napkin brand

Mumbai: In a quite surprising move a top notch FMCG conglomerate has roped in Ms. Kiran Bedi to endorse their brand of sanitary napkins “Niceper”. An endorsement deal of undisclosed amount has been established between the two parties this Thursday for two years. A tier-1 ad agency located in South Bombay has been roped in conceptualize and direct the television advert which will be running on the networks across the country from June 1, 2014.

Toasting Toaster, a senior investigative journalist of Fekle,  in complete amusement of the news contacted the brand manager of Niceper, Ms. Amrita Wadhwani to understand the choice of Ms. Bedi as the brand ambassador. Overjoyed chirpy angrez return Ms. Wadhwani calls it the biggest coup the company has ever got. She said many of her competitors tried roping in Ms. Bedi for the same but her IIM graduate team managed to outsmart others.

Kiran Bedi, Toasting Toaster

Kiran Bedi gives a thumps up to the deal

On enquiring about such a rise in demand of Ms. Bedi for the product line, Ms. Wadhwani said she was a perfect fit for the brand personality of Niceper. The two key brand personality traits they were looking for in their brand ambassador were “Ultra safe” and “U-Turn”.

Ms. Wadhwani went ahead and explained how this traits were a perfect match. Niceper sanitary napkins are ultra-safe and flexible enough for all the turns and jumps. Ms. Bedi is the perfect brand ambassador. Her U-turns from staying apolitical to becoming political is a quite well known story. Her inclination to become Delhi CM once she is sure of BJP win showcases her traits of ultra-safe. From campaigning against corruption in form of Jan Lokpal bill to now embracing the corrupt has shown how well she can turn. Another quality they have been looking for their brand ambassador.

Ms. Wadhwani is really zealous about her achievement and is expecting a huge bonus at the end of this year. When Toasting Toaster off the record asked a team member of Niceper brand if the traits in Ms. Bedi was of a calculating vixen, she smiled and said in confidence that the management had brought in management consultants to rebrand “Niceper” as “Vixper”.

Toasting Toaster and Fekle failed to get any response from Kiran Bedi or her PR team. Mohan Bhagwat has shown his disapproval on the same. The agency is also worried that since the RSS government is back in power, they fear removal of sanitary napkin ads from the television as they did last time.




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