Nationwide celebrations on the fifth Anniversary of RTE Act

It is a historic moment. India completes five years of the phenomenal achievement of making the freedom of education compulsory. There are celebrations nationwide as children perform impromptu demonstrations of what they have learned.

Legends state that those who diligently perform pranks on this day gain the eternal approval of the all powerful Puck.

Puck - Robin Goodfellow

Robin Goodfellow, patron saint of subjects reeling under the onslaught of RTE is also known as Puck.

We interviewed a boy in combat gear exiting a room about the significance of today’s celebrations. “It is all about healthy competition” he muttered, nervously looking around. “My parents tell me that I kept them awake every night for months on end when I was a baby. They now force me to sit in one place for hours on end as retaliation. My turn now.” He grinned wide.

Our reporter asked him how someone as small as him could take on adults. He replied on the condition of anonymity “I am growing taller these days. I have been drinking all the products where their ads promise to make me grow faster. I have put superglue on my parent’s chairs. Soon we will be the same height.”


He invited the reporter to join him in visiting his friend’s April Fools Impromptu Art Exhibition, remarking that he found our reporter the first media professional with the capacity to understand the nuances of such art. “Paid media is completely biased towards adults. Grown ups won’t watch a 3 hour film without asking whether it is worth it, but have no problem wasting years and years of our lives without asking if it is necessary. Media pretends to not notice this widespread atrocity happening under their noses.”

They walked, chatting amicably, as our reporter holds similar views himself. Soon they saw the exhibition. Our young friend’s friend had used cheap toilet paper to create a temporary art installation. As usual, fanatics opposing free children were getting angry and trying to demolish it. Our reporter quickly clicked a photo and left to avoid his camera being broken by the rampaging parent mob.

Toilet paper prank photo by Chase Urich

Toilet paper prank by Chase urich

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