#Shocking ex Air Force pilot turns out to be Anti-National

In a worrying increase of Anti National sentiment in the country, it has emerged that an Air Force helicopter pilot who had left service got hired by the most patriotic orchestra in the country, Namo BJP, to ferry rock star Namo Gopinath Munde to his latest rock show in Beed titled “Namo rockx”.

After the rock show, rockstar Munde asked the pilot to go to another undisclosed location (where it is speculated that Namo Hema Malini was shooting for a new film). The pilot refused. Must be gay. Who in the world refuses to do helicopter joyrides? Patriot max Munde tried to explain to him how it was an issue of national pride, but to no avail. He even tried to bribe motivate the pilot saying that he could drink tea at a Namo tea stall at no additional cost to himself.

But the pilot had no care for the country, alas. Citing that he had filed his route and mumbling something about the Election Commission, he refused. Like your average rickshaw guy on the corner, he REFUSED!


In a crucial time like this, when dark forces cower on the horizon, held at bay when the faithful chant the Namo chant, how could a person supposed to be a patriot refuse to save the country? Did he want to sell India into slavery? Force a country with so many poor people to eat pasta for the rest of their lives? Name every infant born in the next five years to be called Pappu?

Talk show veteran Munde had no choice but to go to the other place by road.

Alas, his fans in the rock show were left with no choice to assault the helicopter piot for being a ISI agent spreading Christianity and sitting in the same chair the mascot Muslim had sat on in the grand rally 4 years ago. We all know what this means.

The Air Force is a patriotic organization, that will never refuse patriotic BJP anything. Alas, this man turned out to be Air Farce. BJP is now saying that testing people in the Armed forces for the patriotic gene is going to be in their manifesto – if they release one. Or Amit Shah will take care of it.

Times WOW asked Rahul Gandhi for his opinion. “Sab sale fek rahe hain.”

We asked the Air Force for comment. They said they are not responsible for the actions of pilots after they have stopped getting their patriot drops per month. But further discussion revealed that no one has ever been given patriot drops before or been tested for the deadly anti-national disease. Whose responsibility is it if the whole Air Force flies off to Pakistan, hain?

When asked this, the Air Force spokesperson said something that sounded suspiciously like “Abe jaa be” before informing that the file that said they would have to get the BJP mark for patriotism has not reached their office and they would take action if someone trolled them this bad. The UPA government has neglected the Armed Forces so bad that they don’t even know that they serve the patriotic true Indians in the country.

Our reporter (very wisely) left. The Election Commission has been served notice for interfering with National Interest.

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