Midas Mumbani and the bloodlust

A long, long time ago, in a far away land, lived a vampire called Midas Mumbani. Like all vampires, Midas Mumbani survived on blood. But unlike other vampires, Midas Mumbani didn’t drink only as much blood as he needed, he feared starvation, so he hoarded blood. Freezer upon freezer of blood lined the rooms of his castle, and still Mumbani could only fear about what would happen if he ran out of it.

So, he started sucking all the blood out of his victims when he thought he could get away with it. Still, that was not enough to reassure Mumbani. He started using contraptions to extract blood from several victims at once. But people started avoiding him, when they saw how those going into his castle were never seen again. He wondered how he could get still more blood without facing punishment. Then, he hit upon an idea. He used to invite the nobles to feast with him when he fed, so that they would save him from punishment rather than let their rivals use the crimes against them.

The people avoiding him was no longer any use. The nobles used to call gatherings of unsuspecting people, and Mumbani would stick his million straws into them and turn on the machine. As time passed, he grew to be rather bloated and his home resembled a godown, but Mumbani did not know how to stop. “More blood will fix this,” he thought, till he resembled an engorged bed bug, and his home started looking like a godown that left those who looked upon it uneasy.

A few people noticed what he was doing and started condemning him. Mumbani feared that it would hinder his blood supply if the unwary folks started avoiding him, so he found new ways.

He started feeding victims he had drained with one drop of his blood. One drop of his powerful blood had the effect of reanimating their bodies and giving the illusion of being unharmed. However, the drop of blood gave Mumbani complete control over his puppets and they could not think or act against him without suffering debilitating pain or even death. He tasked them with finding him more sources of blood.

He let his puppets lose on an unsuspecting world and they brought him more and more sources of blood.

By now, Midas Mumbani had enough blood to keep a country alive, yet his thirst knew no bounds. He had nothing more to fear. He was beyond the touch of the law. Beyond punishment. Nobles and vampires alike quaked in his wake. Scribes trembled in their shoes as they contemplated the loss of vocation to befall them penned only what he approved of.

The people lacked energy. They plodded along finding the simplest tasks difficult. There was a vague sense of being wronged, but no one had the time or energy to pursue it, and the few that tried against odds found a bloated vampire at their necks.

And the story continues…

What do you think happened next?

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