An outrage against authentic disinformation

The unbelievable has happened. A website reported our news of Julian Assange (friend of Rahul Gandhi) endorsing Modi, and spread it around. Jealous members of the Anarchist Aadmi Party (sponsored by Ford Foundation) contacted Wikileaks (known Congress stooge) and Wikileaks denied that they had said all that. Imagine!

They actually insulted award winning graphics designer Vidyut Kale and claimed that she actually worked to get popularity! This is no country for women.

How could anyone not like Narendra Modi, hain?

Aaptards are never going to believe this, but this is just proof that Sonia Gandhi controlled Wikileaks through her links with the Pope. A dedicated BJP supporter did try to explain to everyone that the quote was real, but he mistakenly tried to prove that this site made it up (someone needs to upgrade the IQ a little once budget allows). Regardless, it was a small mistake, and people should have understood.

convoluted political propaganda infographic

Concrete proof that Vidyut made the BJP propaganda

Bhalai ka jamana hi nahi raha!

We gave BJP such wonderful proof against AAP and they spoiled it all by claiming that we actually do work to deserve all this traffic. This is simply not done. We are an extremely green website and do not believe in doing any more work than is strictly necessary to bait the gullible into reading endless pages here.

Our reporter asked Vidyut for comment. “It is very strange. I make such effort to write truth on, then the fan club calls it lies. I write lies here, people try to make it the truth. I need to start a third site for white truths and grey areas.”

“But don’t you think it is a bit strange to lie sometimes and tell the truth sometimes?” our reporter was persistent.

“Not at all” smiled Vidyut, scratching her back with a long broom. “You see, I am already strange, so at best this could be strangerer.”

“What do you plan to do now?” we wanted to know.

“Well, I must first accomplish my mission. I will collect Assange quotes about Modi till everyone is forced to face that it is impossible that so many images can lie. Assange MUST have endorsed Modi. If Obama can be Modi’s fan, why is Julian Assange so reluctant? Can he tell us how much Congress paid him to refuse to accept the inevitable? I simply cannot bear to lose. Assange must be reminded of his burning devotion to the Fuhrer Messiah.”

“You will get trolled” we cautioned. “Newspapers have taken this seriously and they are trying to make you look bad.”

“Oh shit. Ok. I’ll write about other subjects till things cool down a little, and then I will sneak Assange back into the BJP, one word at a time if needed. I am really scared if people criticize me.”

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