Arnab confesses to being paid

After all the pretense of being angry over being called paid media, Arnab Goswami inadvertently confessed to being paid media, claims Anarchist Aadmi Party.

In a curious sequences of events that began with the Anarchist in Chief, gareeb-max Nayak(2) declaring that he would jail all corrupt journalists if elected, channels that are usually his fans started dropping off like flies.

Arnab Goswami, whose channel had been running adoring hashtag campaigns for Kejriwal like #ArnabLovesKejru #HumAAPkeDilMeinRehteHain and #AAPjaisaKoiMereJindagiMeinAaye suddenly believed his livelihood was under threat and his turmoil got expressed as #IntolerantAAP #AnacondaAAP and #NeverEverEverAAP.

arnab goswami paidmedia fraudulent corrupt journalist

Arnab confesses to being paid media and asks why bikau journalists don’t have the right to earn a living.

Some of his adoring fans tried to explain to him. “#Dimwit, he said corrupt journalists. You said you aren’t corrupt. Why are you worried?” but Arnab wouldn’t listen. He thought that his future would become like metal detectors toppled by a rampaging crowd, and decided to take matters into his own hands.

“So what if we are paid journalists? Don’t we have the freedom of speech to tell what whatever profits us? Don’t we have kids? Don’t we live in homes and pay bills? How dare Aam Aadmi Party deny me the right to sell my services to the highest bidder? Shouldn’t people choose the best salary they can and prosper in a well governed country?” ranted Arnab Goswami, furiously thinking of another tag for tweetpelting Anarchist Kejriwal. “Some of us have a living to earn!”

Rahul Kamal on the other hand was nonchalant. Pointing to Arnab and giggling he said, “I would never expose myself like that. As an editor at large, I must do what I must do to get a story, and if the Parliament can be held in Tihar jail, then I must appear to be corrupt in order to be where the story will be dictated.”

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