Massive media paid scam against Modi exposed

Leading investigative reporter Bahadur (undercover as My2Bit) has made the expose of this decade. While people are being distracted with accusations of paid media, in fact it is media exploiting Narendra Modi for publicity to tap into his larger viewership.

Media exploiting Modi popularity for TRPs

Media exploiting Modi popularity for TRPs

As is clearly seen, Modi is far more popular than ABP news and Aaj Tak together with 1% of India’s population directly subscribed to his wise words. When one in 100 people nationwide being Modi fans, the whole country gets to hear what he says instantly using technology. Fans share his words, even more people read them. Imagine each fan sharing to 200 more people. He can reach all Indians no matter how much our population grows.

It is said that leading TV channels are trying to tap into this popularity to boost their viewership and some are even offering him 24 hour live coverage in return for endorsement as the one true channel of the one true messiah.

Research is ongoing into investigating if any other profile can possibly reach more people than technology guru Modi.

An anonymous source confirmed the increasing reports of media channels reporting news of Modi in the hope that he would share them on his Social Media pages and thus reach a wider audience than National Television channels.

Anarchist Aadmi Party has been directed to issue an apology to BJP over accusations of paid media. “Why would someone whom a tenth of the country follows even need any media attention? Mr Modi is one of the most humble and down to earth people and never seeks spotlight” exclaimed Rahul Kamal.

Other sources in BJP have hinted that Narendra Modi may be considering turning into a mass media outlet if he cannot be Prime Minister after the upcoming elections. “He simply is the best. He will clean up and revolutionize Indian media if he cannot clean the government” the source claimed on condition of anonymity.

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