EXPOSED! CIA destabilizing India through Anarchist Aadmi Party

letter from CIA to Ford Foundation

A dangerous CIA  – Mossad Ford Foundation – RAW ISI conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan BJP India has been exposed by Dr Harshvardhan and the investigative organization BJP. Dr Harshvarshan has released proofs that Shimrit Lee, an American student, is actually no young student, but an extremely advanced android created in secret … Continue reading

Sneak peak poster of upcoming thriller Gujarat is not Enough

imposter poster gujarat is not enough

Film production house The Unreal Times has released the first poster of its upcoming Loksabha Thriller titled Gujarat is not enough. The poster makes the stunning revelation that after Alok Nath’s stunning debut as himself in Nayak 2, it is Modi’s turn to play himself in the political thriller Gujarat … Continue reading

BJP attempts a hostile takeover of Adobe Systems, makers of photoshop software

New Jersey: The BJP, India’s leading patron of Adobe System’s award winning software Adobe Photoshop, today attempted a hostile takeover of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Official sources indicate that the bid was mounted after the BJP came under increased pressure from Arvind Kejriwal of AAP.  Kejriwal had challenged BJP to prove … Continue reading

Mukesh Ambani sings song for Arvind Kejriwal’s send off party

Corporate event manager Jay Hind recently leaked a video of a private function organized by Reliance Industries Limited for the newly departing Chief Minister of Delhi, Nayak 2, Kejriwal. Inspired by Gujarat Chief Minister and his Prime Minister candidate Narendrabhai Modi, Mukesh Ambani dedicated a song to the country on … Continue reading

Congress and Samajwadi Party conspiracy to sabotage Narmada pipeline

Samajwadi Party and Congress conspiracy

Taking advantage of Modi’s open invitations for various Chief Ministers to drive cars in the Narmada pipelines, Samajwadi Party and Corrupt Congress party conspired to make Modi look foolish in front of paid media. Ashok Ghelot, Tarun Gogoi, Shiela Dixit (when she was CM) and Akhilesh Yadav, who had all … Continue reading

The strength of Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal carrying Rahul and Sonia Gandhi

An important photo leaked by investigating agencies shows Kejriwal carrying Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi to an undisclosed location. This has got the BJP worried, as they need Rahul and Sonia to be there for their election campaign to succeed. Dr. Harshvardhan protested that this was unconstitutional. “Kejriwal should be … Continue reading