AAP team gatecrashes into Cong-BJP Kabaddi match, melee ensues

In a surprise development, an AAP team forced itself into a Cong-BJP kabaddi match and insisted on participating in the game. The audience was stunned as an AAP team lead by Arvind Kejriwal in a muffler entered the ground just when an angry Meenakshi Lekhi of the BJP lifted the umpire … Continue reading

Angel tattoo mysteriously becomes Narendra Modi on hearing a speech

modi face morphed onto woman back

An amazing miracle has come to light. BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog, a scientific organization that conducts research of claims into paranormal happenings recently certified that a woman who had an angel tattoo on her back heard a Narendra Modi speech and felt a burning sensation on her back. The speech … Continue reading

Nothing can stop Modi from becoming PM now #BJPPhotoshopLaghuUdyog

narendra modi with crown

A recent secret meeting of the Union of BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog karmacharis and esewaks came to the conclusion that they have the capabilities to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister regardless of election results. “Internal assessment of our deployment capabilities have repeatedly shown that regardless of reality, we are … Continue reading

Aam Aadmi Party to solve Delhi’s power crisis

aam aadmi party aap power generation model

The political watchdog organization BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog claims to have procured secret plans of the Aam Aadmi Party government to resolve the power crisis after power discoms, angry over being required to be honest are engaging in covert power strikes against the state. This plan is said to be … Continue reading

Maharashtra Women’s Commission member claims she ‘invited’ assault

Asha Mirje blames Delhi Gang Rape victim for being raped

4 political activists were arrested in Maharashtra after they assaulted Asha Mirje of the NCP for blaming the Delhi Gang Rape victim in her own rape. They declared that the Delhi Gang Rape and Mumbai Gang Rape were true National horrors and rapes that no one should excuse. “She could … Continue reading

Beware! The Muslims are coming

BJP hate propaganda

An alarming development in South India is the sudden influx of Muslims with “lite” versions of the Pakistani flag. Sickular are in denial. “The Pakistani flag has a white strip denoting minorities with a pole going through it. Just like real life.” However, we know better. A patriotic expert has … Continue reading

RSS hand confirmed in Rahul Gandhi interview with Arnab Goswami

rahul gandhi interview arnab goswami

It has now been confirmed that there was an RSS hand in Arnab Goswami’s media outlet. Coming out all guns blaring Congress has accused Arnab of being paid media and declared that Congress Party members will never ever ever never ever give him an interview again. “It is betrayal,” confided … Continue reading

Rahul Gandhi interview by Arnab Goswami (the inside story) #liveblog

The Rahul Gandhi interview on Times Now is news even before it happens. We have our reporter undercover behind the scenes, and we are committed to bring to you everything that paid media hides from your sharp gaze. The countdown begins. Stay with us, as we report everything that is … Continue reading