An IIT Boy Strikes back

Kharagpur: In a startling tale of events, a third year Mechanical B.Tech student, Mr. Hemant Dharnewal has called his Automation Professor Ketan Badkari a “Chor”. Toasting Toaster on contacting Mr. Hemant has categorically said that he stands by what he called the professor. The scene happened in the classroom. We learn that the basis of the allegation has been the tremendous frustration suffered by the male students in mechanical engineering discipline.

On further investigation by Toasting Toaster, it has been learnt that Prof. Badkari has been accused of appeasement. Mr. Hemant had topped his class in the first year. One Ms. Avantika Dahiwadkar had slide to mechanical department after the first year from Chemical Engineering. The class had rejoiced her joining the department with shots of magic lassis and some other shots. Ms. Avantika was the only girl in this skewed up male/female ratio in the department. However as the semesters passed by, Ms. Avantika began to top the class.

Mr. Hemant feeling jealous, seeing the tragic change in his popularity and being inspired from a fellow IIT senior, one popularly called as “CBag”, decided to get into the professor’s office to check the answer sheets of Ms. Avantika. To his surprise he found the answer sheets filled with stories from the last very popularly unpopular movie Xpose starring Dhokla Meshamiya. However on top of every answer, this virgin boy found a tease note which he had no idea what it all meant. The grading on the answer sheet said A+.

AAP Protest , Student Protest

LSS Protest

Taking a cue from yet another IITian senior, he went ahead and called the Prof. Badkari a “chor”. In return Professor known for his brutal eating habits has asked the student for a yearly supply of confectionaries from the local Amul Kiosk or would be reported to the tribunal. The student known for his integrity is standing on the ground. The case has been referred to the tribunal. Mr. Dharnewal is the convenor of Laachaar sattaye Sikhsya (LSS). The member of the club has told Toasting Toaster that they would be on Dharna until Mr. Badkari doesn’t apologize for the same.

Toasting Toaster failed to get comment from Prof. Badkari. His spokesperson (read driver) has told us that the matter is in sub-judice and it wouldn’t be right to comment on it. The Club members of LSS has planned an indefinite dharna in front of the tribunal.

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