BJP attempts a hostile takeover of Adobe Systems, makers of photoshop software

New Jersey: The BJP, India’s leading patron of Adobe System’s award winning software Adobe Photoshop, today attempted a hostile takeover of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Official sources indicate that the bid was mounted after the BJP came under increased pressure from Arvind Kejriwal of AAP.  Kejriwal had challenged BJP to prove that all the morphed images from the BJP Photoshop team for the Modi campaign were not made from illegal copies of the Photoshop software.

“It’s a win-win for both parties” said Modi fan and Editor Chanchal Gupta. “We get unlimited legal copies of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe gets access to the best pool of talent on Photoshop in the entire world”.

An Adobe spokesperson declined to comment, but sources indicate that the Adobe management wasn’t too enthused with the development. “Things looked ok until the BJP team posted morphed images of our directors kneeling at Modi’s feet begging for a takeover”, said a highly placed source inside Adobe.

In a last ditch attempt to resolve the stalemate, Adobe convened an emergency meeting with the BJP Photoshop team.  However,  Adobe sources indicate the talks failed to make any headway. “The conversation did not go too  well although to be honest, we’re still trying to figure out a few things they said”, said Director Andy Murphy as he researched the words “Maa” and “Behen” on Google search.

Adobe managed to ward off the takeover in the nick of time when they sent the BJP team a photo of Modi’s Visa to the United States. An ecstatic BJP team dropped the bid and went on another photoshopping spree on Modi’s visa, posting pictures that included Obama kneeling at Modi’s feet this time. “In the end, Adobe did a BJP on us”, said an angry Anil Kumar – a member of the BJP team – noting that the photo of Modi’s alleged visa was actually fake.

Ex cricketer and leading commentator Ravi Shastri, who witnessed the bid, said it reminded him of a match that went down to the wire.  Shastri was later forced to keep mum after exasperated BJP supporters threatened to use a tracer bullet if he uttered a single word again.

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