BJP cancels plans to release manifesto. Claims chargesheet on UPA is adequate.

Our undercover reporter has reported that the manifesto has been put on hold with party leaders arguing that it is entirely unnecessary to clarify their stand on controversial issues and lose votes.

The chargesheet against the UPA shows how serious BJP is about a Congress free India, and that is really all an Indian needs to know. An inside source said on the condition of confidentiality that a manifesto adds unnecessary complications. “If there is a manifesto, there will be promises. If there are promises, it gives birth to trolls claiming they were not fulfilled.”

Party leaders say that there is widespread support for BJP without any manifesto and there have been no genuine requests for a manifesto so far. It would be counterproductive at this stage to create promises and give people reasons to be discontented if what they want is not included, he said, slyly referring to the Anarchist Aadmi Party manifesto.

Our (paid) reporter slyly asked him if he was referring to the widespread discontent in the party after tickets were issued, and he clarified he wasn’t even thinking of it. It was completely unrelated.

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