BJP holds Anarchist Aadmi Party responsible for increased campaigning costs

In a long overdue confrontation with Anarchist Aadmi Party, BJP has held them responsible for increased campaigning expenses for the Lok Sabha Elections and accused them of making this a debate issue.

“There is a certain code political parties adhere to,” said Jaitley in his latest blog post. “Political parties do not attack each other’s funding. We even give AAP this same courtesy. While we may accuse AAP of being terrorists or other ugly characteristics, we have refrained from claiming that they are sponsored by Ambani and Adani. Do not go by their attempts to distract from the core issue. Ambani and Adani don’t have to sponsor them for us to say they did, right? If we can print pictures of Arvind Kejriwal as a terrorist, this is not impossible to do. But there is something called as proper conduct. Anarchist Aadmi Party oversteps the limits repeatedly.”

A senior party leader confirmed that they originally had not planned a high spending election campaign and had been planning to simply spend enough money to get them into the opposition and split the rest for some post election R&R. “Instead, we not only have to give up the money that would have come our way for an expensive election campaign, we now have our investors worried about return on investment.”

The complaints are from every corner. BJP accuses AAP of colluding with the media to make its investors feel insecure and forcing them to pour in suspicious amounts of money so that AAP can question it, while in reality all that the BJP is trying to do is get into the opposition in enough strength to stall the Parliament and protect the rights of innocent investors.

The BJP Media cell has similar complaints. They have accused AAP of using free volunteers who bait BJP SM professionals into looking foolish and making the BJP look bad ON BJP BUDGET. “This is simply the last straw.” exclaimed an irate Mrs Gandhi (not Sonia Gandhi, the other one. No, not Maneka Gandhi either. Never mind.) “BJP works hard to increase jobs India wide and tell the masses about it, and here comes this anarchist party who cannot do anything constructive, but exploit our media budget to make themselves look good. If Anarchist Aadmi Party is so good for the country, why are they insisting that they get elected before creating jobs for our youth?” she demanded to know.

Others had other reasons. “Now AAP supporters are reporting our official Twitter handle for spam. How can an official handle spam? 7000 unsolicited tweets with links are hardly a big deal for a country the size of India!”

“They are accusing us of tweeting to Pakistanis to vote for India. Well, what is wrong with having good relations with our neighbour? If they don’t have election cards, obviously they can’t vote. Not like they are Bangladeshis or anything. Our handle even helpfully provided them instructions on how they could vote! It is AAP who has the real links with Pakistan. We have never proceeded beyond soliciting donations from our website.”

The Anarchist Aadmi Party is denying all allegations saying that the BJP is only pretending to run an election campaign and scaring their investors into spending more and more money in order to have a lot of fun at their expense.

“Look at the surveys,” a humble Yogendra Yadav says. “We are getting only five seats. Who could we be a threat to?”

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