Chicken Pulao for Swearing In Ceremony

New Delhi: In an unprecedented gesture, the newly appointed PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi has invited his counterpart Mr. Nawaz Shareef to be part of his swearing in ceremony. It is also learned that he has asked the official caterers Mrs. Baweja & Company to replace Chicken Biriyani with Chicken Pulao. Mrs. Baweja is very upset over the new development as a token of appreciation for lobbying her company for the deal, Mrs. Baweja, Proprietor of Mrs. Baweja & Caterers had promised 112 plates of Chicken Biriyani to Mr. Nitin Gadkari. She thinks she would have to make special 112 dishes for Nitinji.

Hearing the news about the invite, the not to be named league group has gone silent on all social media platforms. They are busy waiting for a direction from their troll leader who is a “Swamy”. When we tried to contact the troll leader he was found busy lChicken Pulao, India-Pakistan, Toasting Toasterobbying for a special ministry to take care of Supreme Court or the ministry of “power vesting.”

The Media is pleased with the change in menu by thePMO as it is now in line with their dietary requirement. Gen. Shiv Aroor and Lt. Gen. Gaurav Sawant strong advocate of no talk with Pakistan are now pleased to continue with the talks. They say Dr. MMS was more of a Chicken Biriyani person and not Chicken Pulao.

Mr. Modi had been going around the country for the last 8 months canvassing against Chicken Biriyani much to the disappointment of one Mr. Naushad from Kerala. Mr. Naushad believes BJP didn’t win any seat in Kerala precisely because of anti-Chicken Biryani policy from Mr. Modi.

When Toasting Toaster contacted Mrs. Baweja, she was busy negotiating 112 dishes of Chicken Biriyani with 125 dishes of Chicken Pulao. Prime Minister Office did not comment on the issue nor did Mr. Nitin Gadkari.


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