Ekta Kapoor orders for complete season of Pradhan Mantri

New Delhi: After profound success of the pilot of Pradhan Mantri 101 which was aired today across the Nation on Lok Sabha Television with an astronomical TRP, Ekta Kapoor a well-known Television producer has come forward and ordered for the complete season of the show.

Mr. Narendra Modi who comes out as an excellent actor with impeccable dialogue delivery had been promoting the show for the past 8 months across the nation. Mr. Narendra Modi would be playing the lead in the show along with co-actors Mr. Lal Krishna Advani , Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Mr. Rajnath Singh, Mr. Mukesh Ambani ,Mr. Gautam Adani and a few others.

Pradhan Mantri 101 aired with much galore and glitz. Indian Media went gaga over the charm and act showcased by the lead actor. They have rated Mr. Modi as the next big thing to happen in India after Mr. Dilip Kumar and Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. One of the prominent magazine has gone ahead and categorized Mr. Modi as the sexiest bachelor in India today. They say his beard provides raw sexual energy comparing it to the wild Lion.

The pilot showcased all the ingredients that would make this show a masala “weepology” and showed the viewers what it had in store for the coming episodes. Ekta Kapoor known as the queen of Indian Soap Industry was in tears when she saw the pilot. She said that the pilot had enough content to replace the prime time soap operas currently running on the Indian Television and she is looking forward to the next episodes of the show.

The Indian viewers were taken on an emotional roller coaster where they cried, laughed and even felt “inspired”. They hadn’t seen a better drama before on Indian Television. A 45 year old ardent daily soap female viewer, said this show ranks next to “Kyon Ki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi”, and she felt Tulsi Virani would definitely make an appearance in the show. She will be making sure that her 8-7 working MNC clerk husband would be watching the show with her. When Toasting Toaster tried to contact her husband, he was in hiding and was going to lodge a complaint against the show to Peedith Pati Samaj, an organization that helps the husbands in distress and are act of social violence by the wives

Sources say American Presidents was moved to tears on seeing the pilot and he compared the show with that of Brothers and Sister, but he was cautious in saying that it smelt of brotherhood. A leaked picture of POTUS weeping is now viral on the internet, thanks to the “Internet Hindu” community or popularly called as #HDL community who claims this to be the genuine picture of POTUS weeping after watching the pilot. However, Toasting Toaster won’t be commenting on its originality or source as “Internet Hindus” are known for their impeccable photo-shop and story spinning abilities that Social media witnessed over the past 3 years.

When we last heard we were told that the show will be renamed as “Kyon ki Main Pradhan Mantri Hoon” for reasons unknown. The Lok Sabha Television has now been categorized under Entertainment section by the prominent Dish and Channel operators across the nation


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