#Exposed Giriraj Singh was campaigning against Modi in Bihar

In an expose that will rock the BJP, our special correspondent reports on a confidential conversation with Giriraj Singh, BJP candidate for the Nawada constituency in Bihar, who claims to have no hatred for critics of Modi, and was, in fact trying to consolidate them in Bihar in order to defeat Modi comprehensively.

Claiming to be a staunch supporter of Anarchist Aadmi Party, Giriraj Singh revealed that he had remained in BJP even after making a secret deal with Anarchist Aadmi Party to combat BJP sending its own cadre to pretend to be members of Anarchist Aadmi Party and had managed to secure a ticket to fight from Nawada.

In order to make sure that the BJP was comprehensively defeated, he sent out a call for all critics of Modi to converge at Pakistan, Purnia, Bihar, INDIA – a mere 2 hour drive from his home in Barahiya, but in the OPPOSITE direction as Nawada to prevent the BJP leadership from finding out.

Pakistan in Purnia is in the opposite direction as Nawada from Giriraj's home

Media instead misreported him as threatening Modi critics and asking them to leave the country. He confesses that he may have encouraged the media to create such confusion to prevent the BJP cancelling his ticket.

He is a little hurt that Modi critics did not trust him more, but shrugged it off as touchy sentiments with the elections approaching.

However, all is well that ends well. “The outrage resulting from the wrong reporting has done the BJP more damage than I was planning in collusion with Modi critics. Besides, I can continue to pretend to be a Modi bhakt and wait for more opportunities.” Girru smiles smugly.

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