Heartbroken by Barack’s National Prayer breakfast, Modi asks Amit Shah to investigate

Intelligence agencies in India have flagged Barak’s National Prayer Breakfast speech as alarming. “It is impossible that after having such a thrilling experience at our Republic Day, and being our Prime Minister’s best friend, he forgot so soon.” a senior official shared, on the condition of confidentiality. “Baba Ramdev has already informed us that this memory loss is not natural and he can cure it if we bring Barack to him.”

“Uff.. Barrack, kitne bhulakkad ho gaye ho. Yaad hain woh baatein? Woh hugs, woh saath saath press conferences, woh photos… sab bhool gaye?” Modi is said to have said as he wiped his eyes with his kerchief.

A heartbroken Modi was not available for comment, but reliable sources in the White House Prime Minister’s Office have said that Amit Shah will be calling up Barak to enquire after his health. Our reporter asked Amit Shah who was returning from an exhausting round of campaigning about this oversight.

“There is no oversight,” replied Amit Shah. “Modi sahab had worn his best clothes. They took photos together. They are friends. I will call him and find out why he forgot to read the five minutes related to Prime Minister Mr. Modi.” Amit Shah walked off handing our reporter a photo as proof.

Prime Minister Mr. Modi with Barak

Prime Minister Mr. Modi with Barak

“But… ” our reporter asked, chasing after him.

“There is no but. Watch India TV, they will show the full speech honestly and apolitically. It is completely about Narendra Modi bhai. This is the conspiracy of sickular media in the US.”

Several other officials murmured in agreement. “Bajaru” one said, shaking his head sadly.

The news breaking on Twitter is that quick action has been taken on Barak’s speech and Amit Shah will be sending this puppy as a “get well soon” gift to Barak.

Keeshond puppy. Photo: Terri Brown

Keeshond puppy. Photo: Terri Brown

Supporters of Aam Aadmi Party are already alleging that this is the image of a puppy freely available on Wikimedia Commons that BJP has stolen.

BJP supporters are arguing that images available freely cannot be stolen.

We will bring you fresh updates on this situation as more information emerges.

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