Here is… “How” he did it.

As he entered his Maruti 800, he knew he is going to capture the mob of over 1000 armed men through his Nokia 6600. “Be ready for everything and if anything happens, just bolt.” He told his driver. An hour long ride and then as he looked out of the left window of the car, he asked his driver to stop.

ErrNumb (to himself): Where the hell are the fucking rioters? Why is it raining here? Where are we?

ErrNumb: I should call Amit sir.

*Phone rings*

Amit: Yes?

ErrNumb: Sir, you promised us rioters here?

Amit: Reuters here? Promised you what? A bite?

ErrNumb: Oops Mr Bachchan, I’ll get back to you.

*Hangs up and dials again*

Amit: Haan bachcha.. Bol..

ErrNumb: Sir where am I? It is some Mahatma Gandhi’s Gujarat? No violence, eh?

Amit: What do you want bachcha?

ErrNumb: I just want my story! Send some men here. Tell them to wear Bhagwa and carry some T…. *Beep-Beep*

*Phone disconnects*

Driver: Carry what?

ErrNumb: Toy guns, maybe?

*After 3 hours*

ErrNumb: Oh dear God! I think they are not coming.

Driver: I think they have.

*Somebody knocks window*

ErrNumb: Oh yes here you are.. So tell me what are you doing and why are you doing and who told you to do this and fucking hell first start doing something!!

Guy1: Amitbhai told us to ask you something.

ErrNumb: What?

Guy2: Godhra or Ayodhya?

ErrNumb: Of course Godhra. Isn’t that why you’re here?

Guy1: Okay thanks. Lets set his car on fire.

ErrNumb: No fucking way.. Hell.. Wait.. Wait.. Okay I choose Ayodhya!

Guy2: Are you sure?

ErrNumb: What do you do now?

Guy1: Just scratch your car with Trishool?

ErrNumb: Just scratch?

*Scratch Scratch* *BAANG* ,,,, *BOOM* *CAR SHAKES* ‘

ErrNumb: Stop you low life fugitives!

Guy1: What? Are we fugitives now?

Guy2: That’s big.. Lets turn his car upside down and see what it makes us..

*Both Guys laugh*

ErrNumb: Start the car.. Go.. Go.. Now!

Driver: Yes.. yes..

ErrNumb: Damn it start the car!

Driver: It has started!

ErrNumb: Then why are we not moving!

Driver: Because we are floating!

ErrNumb: WHAT? WE ARE FLOATING? Where am I? Is it some kind of dream?

Driver: Well.. You told us to prepare the set for Mumbai flood. Now all of a sudden you had the change of your mind. So…

ErrNumb: Screw yourself! Tell ‘em to flush all the water.

Driver: Now its too late. We are supposed to be rescued by the divers.

Guy1: Can you swim?

Guy2: No. Can you?

Guy1: NO BLEDY! Then how are you going to rescue them?

Guy2: I thought you were.

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