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In an unprecedented development Rajnath Singh, the BJP president, has called a press conference and declared that with the current voter participation, and numerous alliances they’ve already reached the magic 272 figure halfway through the election. Rajnath Singh on Friday affirmed that the National Democratic Alliance has secured a clear and comfortable majority and Modi is ready to become PM.

Rajnath Singh had requested Election Commission to count the votes as there was no need to splurge spending when they’ve already achieved the objective. He added – “Haven’t we already spent enough! Our spending has crossed the EC’s budget for this election, so why waste the country’s money”. When reporters asked about Modi’s constituency, he reminded that it was Modi who was contesting on all seats and he’ll chose whichever seat he wishes to serve. He proudly said this will go down in history as one of the quickest and best election.

NDTV broke the news with heavy heart one last time “Big blow to Modi! He couldn’t even complete his planned number of rallies. Is that the kind of planning a PM does?”

NaMo was in helicopter for next rally when the news broke. He instantly tweeted “Let the development begin!” which broke the Obama’s “5 More Yrs” retweet record, thanks to 3 billion patriotic followers. The youth who incessantly posted “Abki baar Modi Sarkaar” and the “Kejriwal is CIA agent” blogs is particularly excited as now they’ll get a better job.

However there was a section of youth who was sad because they didn’t get a chance to upload a pic with voting ink. Some of them decided to ink themselves and upload a pic. Congress spokesman wasn’t available for comment. Disheartened Kejriwal tweeted his supporters to come to Delhi for the assembly elections now.

Rahul Ganhi is reportedly upset over the election ending before his seat went to the vote, but is certain of winning the Amethi seat. He wanted to tell media about this, but they were busy interviewing out new Prime Minister who now doesn’t let go of cameras and was on his 6th interview.

Fek Le! offers its pen in the humble service of the fourth Reich. May the farce be with you, Sir!

Fek Le! Senior correspondent Mridul Bansal reporting from Delhi. You may find him on Twitter or Facebook

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