Marriage certificate mandatory for buying condom: Dr. Harshvardhan

New Delhi: After suggesting that Indians should wear values instead of condoms and that abstinence and faithful relationships are more important to contain HIV virus than condoms, India’s Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan has come up with a new innovative idea.

A shopkeeper refusing to handover condom to a buyer as he fails to show his marriage-certificate

A shopkeeper refusing to handover condom to a buyer as he fails to show his marriage-certificate

From now onwards, it would be mandatory to display your marriage certificate at the shop in order to buy condoms. This, according to Dr. Harshvardhan, would ensure that only those who qualify to have sex according to Indian culture get to use this product. Government would bring a bill called “Sex Regulation and Regularization Bill 2014” in the coming session of parliament.

Health ministry is also mulling penalizing those who don’t bring marriage certificate to shops, as this would prove they are in illicit relationship and hence worthy of harshest punishment according to this new bill. It would be mandatory for shopkeepers to call nearest police station immediately when such a customer asks for condom. A separate department in all police station would be required to register FIR immediately and send the guilty to jail.

This new proposed bill to control safe sex according to ‘Indian Moral Sensitivities‘ has met with mixed reactions by citizens and experts. While parents are happy that they wouldn’t have to care about tracking movements of their children in teen and 20s, psychologists are concerned about pressure this move is going to create in our society to get married at earlier age, jeopardizing our national population control goals.

Repeated calls from this Fek Le reporter to Dr. Harshvardhan went unanswered as he was busy watching ‘Splitsvilla’ show on MTV.

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