Nostradamus’ top ten predictions about India

1) At some point of time in future, a man will lead India and they will no longer be ashamed of being Indian.

2) A language will evolve in India as a language of common people in which Good will translate as ‘achcha’ and Day will translate as ‘din’.

3) At some of time in future, great leadership will emerge in India which will change the course of history, literally.

4) At some point of time in future, I see India exporting Teachers, Yogis and importing Traders, Bhogis.

5) As I see it, and no one may ever be able to see the way I see it, there will be a leader in Patna, whose victory will be rejoiced by the enemies.

6) At some point of time in future, the great mathematicians of India will inspire the common people to transform into 12 digit numbers.

7) I see a conspiracy. Against the mothers. In a country where mothers are worshiped. But I can not see those mothers. Perhaps they are hiding behind those cows.

8) Traitors, I see. When I look into the future of India. Only traitors. Oh God a land full of traitors. There’s no one else but traitors. 

9) I see a man, misquoting my predictions in Social network and then deleting his post. Funny guy.

10) There is a huge gathering. Some 10 thousand people. Changing…… only nickers. Milestone!

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