Prime Minister Cancels his Japan Visit

New Delhi: As per the information released by Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has postponed his scheduled trip to Japan. The reason for postponement has been attributed to parliament in session during the time. However as per the Intelligence Bureau report leaked to us exclusively by one Mr. Dhumelal the reasons attributed to the cancellation of the trip are quite different. Some of the reasons are given below


  1. Mr. Modi who had earlier planned to bunk the next parliament session has changed his mind after his Bhutan trip.
  2. PM thinks there is nothing much to see there apart from the Great Wall of China.
  3. PM Modi wanted to visit Hong Kong during his Japan trip.
  4. PM Modi wanted to meet Doremon and bring back Pickaachu.
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PM Modi on Akhand Bharat Mission


The confidential report send by RSS to PMO leaked by IB to Fek Le states that the choice of Bhutan as the first foreign travel was sort of a “practice match” to test the waters. The Prime Minister’s Official Office (PMOO) situated at Nagpur is very upset with the PM. As per the report send from PMOO to PMO, the gaffes of geography he made during his visit in Bhutan by calling the country as Nepal and later on corrected it to Ladakh. The PMOO thinks he is not quite ready for the big stage. They may plan to send him to Nepal for his next trip before dropping him in the big league.

However one Mr. Swamy who is a senior BJP Leader has come out in support of PM stating that Bhutan and Nepal are part of Aakhand Bharat and Mr. Modi has beautifully and diligently dropped a hint about his Aakhand Bharat Plan. Toasting Toaster failed to verify the information with the PMO.

PM Modi’s new personal secretary Mr. TopNotch on contacted in private off the record confirmed the report and mentioned that the handlers are quite pissed but Mr. Modi made it up calling India as Bharat on a foreign soil. However they are not happy while referring Bharat in SMS language as B4B. PMOO believes that SMS language is a western influence and should not be encouraged in India. Overall the trip to Bhutan has been quite an unsuccessful feat for the Indian PM.

In an unrelated news a Modi ardent follower or popularly called as Bhakth has sued his professor for failing him in his exam. Apparently Toasting Toaster, a resident editor at Patiala, Fek le has learnt that he had written his examination completely in SMS language and it was very difficult for the Prof of 55 to decipher the language. Mr. Bhetan Chagat (the student from Internet Institute of Trolling) is of the opinion that if the PM of Bharat has endorsed SMS language, it becomes the national language and professor should re-evaluate his answer sheet.

The IB leaked report exclusively to Fek Le also mentions that if PMO continues to not learn it hard way, PM Modi would be send to Pyongyang in South Korea on an official tour. Fek Le has learnt that PM would be made to believe that Pyongyang is in South Korea and he will address the North Koreans as South Koreans. The report fails to mention the motive or the consequences of this step.

Fek Le leaves it to the imagination of its readers.





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