Ramrajya 2050

“Where am I?”

“Hello! My friend. This is Hindu-7763892 and we…. are in….. Heaven!”


“Yes, my friend, you’re in …… Ramrajya.”

“Bu… t when I slept last night it was not Ramrajya(?), it was a sickular nation full of commies and leftists and liberandus and independent women…. allowed to run free. Is this a dream?”

“Ha! I know. We recycled them all.”

“You did what?”

“Recycled them. Now they have turned into tomatoes and potatoes and guavas and Kand-Mool growing on the soil which we made fertile using their ashes”

“They are all dead!?”

*B-E-E-P* Alert: An unrecognized word was heard. Erasing it from memory because it may cause irregularities.

“Sorry. I know I know. Soul is immortal.” “Where and when am I exactly?”

“Its 2050. You’re in a high-tech Vedic lab. We retrieved you from a Samay Yatra Vimaan and you seem to have come from 2017. We have been testing your brain since then and we see a few areas having memory of you mocking our brave Hindu warriors and cow vigilantes. Here I must tell you the name of the first man we recycled.”



“Can you please be a little more specific?”

“You remember him as Narendra.”

“WTF! ………………. And who is Hindu-0000001?”

“I am not allowed to say his name but I can transfer his image to your brain’s working memory.”

*B-E-E-P* Alert: Transfer complete

“ What—- The—- Frankenstein!

Yogi Adityanaath?


*B-E-E-P* Alert: Recycle this person immediately …. Recycle this person immediately …. Recycle this person immediately …. …. ….

“I am sorry. You have left me no other option by saying his name. I am starting recycle process. Recycle completes in 0 minutes 59 seconds.”

“What? No… No… NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Scared out of his wits, as ErrNumb GauSwami wakes up from this nightmare, he realizes that it was a dream and remembers the famous quote by an esteemed journalist: “The nation wants to know!”

“No, not yet” he said to himself.

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