Surprise in Parliament- Major Embarrassment for Congress

New Delhi: The first session of the sixteenth Lok Sabha started out with a chaos. Confusion and bedlam ruled the day. The hubbub had been regular for the last decade however this particular pandemonium was for all different reason.

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Chaos in Lok Sabha

Indian National Congress President, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and MP from Rae Bariely along with senior party leaders were muddled. Adding to the confusion was the swearing in of a senior Congress leader Mr. Kamal Nath as the speaker of the house.

The confusion all started when congress found close of 150 MPs in parliament today. Congress leaders were astonished and surprised at finding such a large number of its own MPs in the parliament today. And with swearing in of Mr. Kamal Nath of Congress as the speaker, the confusion got worse.

Later, Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia, Congress MP, told the senior congress leaders that the around 100 Ex- Congress MPs have won from BJP ticket. And Mr. Kamal Nath was being sworn in as an interim speaker of the house because BJP can’t find anyone who knows the job. The chaos subdued after the clarification. Mr. Resignation Prasad had already called for a press conference to ask for the resignation of one Mr. Lol Krushna Odewani who he believes has been the master kind of this chaos. Toasting Toaster couldn’t find someone with that name. Probably the lisp of Resignation Prasad mispronounced Lol Krushna Odewani was LK Advani.

A WikiLeaks cable privately released to Toasting Toaster on anonymity of the official showcased a conspiracy behind the sixteenth Lok Sabha election. The cable said that congress young guns well supported by Congress VP, Rahul Gandhi have been involved in a mastermind plan of infiltration into BJP. They have been successful in getting around 100 congress MPs elected on BJP tickets. The cable goes on to tell that in the coming years, the infiltration into BJP will rise. The conspiracy was hatched after the war crie of now Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi of “Congress Mukth Bharath”. It says that congress was expecting a defeat and had hatched a plan to actually turn this into a “BJP Mukth Bharat”.

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The conspiracy king Scindia

Some young leaders of the congress on anonymity confirmed the WikiLeaks report to Fek le. They are jubilant that their first step into this master plan was a huge success. Further plan was not revealed to us. When Fek Le put forward this cable to Mr. Scindia, he winked and didn’t comment on it.

Toasting Toaster believes that the top leadership was kept unaware of this grand plan, probably they would have avoided this embarrassment if an open communication had been set up in the congress ranks.

It is believed that the Pradhan Mantri Series is reaching unprecedented TRPs and Ekta Kapoor office will confirm the next season of the show.




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