The Government has returned 15 Lakhs as promised, but you just don’t know about it.

New Delhi: In a shocking revelation by the finance ministry, Arun Jaitley, popularly known as 78% Media Mantri and 22% Finance minister, has revealed some shocking information in the Rajya Sabha today that has shaken the very existence and being of all Indians. During the ongoing parliament section, there has been a heavy discussion on the subject of Black Money from a unified opposition and the glorified ruling party. Today the finance minister settled the discussion with his most ‘heart stopping’ ‘calculative’ revelations.

Black Money Returned

The nation has learnt that the government has technically returned Rs. 15.67 Lakhs per citizen of this great nation on the 99th day of their governance, keeping the promise of 100 days. You just don’t know about it. The nation is stunned and perplexed.

As per the Guruji at the finance ministry, if everybody got the same amount, the value of money would reduce by the same amount as the demand for products would rise by the same value. The decremented value of the currency would be equal to the increment in everybody’s bank account balance. Thus, circulating the same amount to everybody is equal to not circulate anything to everybody. The citizens of this great country are now fully perplexed and confused. To understand more, you are requested to file RTI and get further details from the finance ministry.

Mr. Anand Sharma and Chief Whip Deependra Hooda of Indian National Congress questioned the minister on cheating the public. The minister only said the Congress party should have done the same and provided the citizens with Rs. 15.67 lakhs.

Mr. Kamlesh Apte, a diehard supporter of the Bhartiya Janta Party overjoyed with the news commented to Fek le that Mr. Modi has fulfilled his promise of giving Rs. 15 lakhs to all the citizen of the country. Celebrations broke out in the BJP’s offices across the country.

The brain behind return of 15 Lakhs

The brain behind return of 15 Lakhs

Sources close to Finance Ministry has said that this move was engineered and executed by a Harvard educated MoS Jayant Sinha.

Fek le would try to investigate more into this stunned disclosure once its editors understand the statement. If our readers do understand it, we request them to comment using the comment box underneath the post.


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