The truth of Champagne Liberals #Leaked

Anupam Kher: Only ‘champagne liberals’ talk about intolerance. …there are some people in the party [BJP] who speak nonsense, and ill-behave, whether it is Sadhvi or Yogi…they should be put behind the bars, thrown out of the party.

Sadhvi Prachi: That’s sheer intolerance!

Anupam Kher: You’re a champagne liberal!

Sadhvi Prachi: Wh…at? I am what?

Anupam Kher: Shut up or I’ll call police.

Sadhvi Prachi: We will continue our fight for the Hindu cause and if you have courage, you should jail me and Yogi Adityanath.

Yogi Adityanath: Anupam Kher has proved that he is a villain not only on reel but also in real life.

Anupam Kher: That’s intolerance!

Sadhvi Prachi and Yogi: You’re a champagne liberal!

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