Tulsi Virani becomes the next HRD Minister

New Delhi: In an unexpected move by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he brings in Mrs. Tulsi Virani as his Human Resource Development minister. With her prior experience handling the Virani and Thakral Family affairs, she was pitted in for the role of Home Minister. Toasting Toaster (Senior Investigative Journalist, Fekle) analyses the reasons and qualifications behind her appointment in heading of HRD Ministry with inclusion of Science and Technology.


Toasting Toaster, Smriti Irani, HRD Minister, Tulsi Virani

On her mission to clean HRD ministry of all the intellect

  • Virani family is the pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgeries in India.
  • Virani family has expertise in the field of age-longevity. The myth says that the baa from the Virani family is believed to be living for the past 800 years without even ageing beyond 75 years.
  • Tulsi Virani has already managed an elite school.
  • Tulsi Virani has the capabilities of managing hundreds of kids, grand kids, grand grandkids of not one, but two families- Virani and Thakral
  • Tulsi Virani has managed to handle the most complex, atrocious and confusing family tree of Virani family as well as the Thakrals.
  • After Ekta Kapoor roping in Pradhan Mantri series, this looked a very likely choice as the textbooks had to be turned into TV guides.



What is Toasting Toaster looking forward from the new HRD ministry in the next five years:

  • Many look-a-likes of PM of India through the revolutionized cosmetic surgeries.
  • 75 years was the cut-off for the Modi Sarkar. It is believed that the “baa-formula” is being developed for exclusive use for the Modi sarkaar cabinet.
  • Textbooks will promote TV Guides
  • Mihir Virani can finally die in peace. His name will be written down in the history books as a warrior loved by the middle-aged women in India, a George Clooney spin in the making.
  • IITs will be renamed as Institute of Internet Trolling based upon the Nadiad Model and IIMs will be Institute for Internet Morons.
  • Bal Narendra tales shall be part of school curriculums


In an unrelated news, Toasting Toaster has learnt of Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi and Ms. Poonam Mahajan calling up Ms. Ekta Kapoor for career options.


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