BJP election campaign reunites friends separated in childhood

They had been inseparable. Friends forever. Or so they thought, till Anil’s parents had a transfer and had to move out of town. Tearful farewells followed, as did promises to stay in touch forever. Alas, that was the world before internet and two little boys could not do the postcards thing on their own for long, and were lost to each other.

But fate has its own ways that man cannot comprehend. One day, as Mukesh was scanning Twitter for news on his favorite party (BJP), he came across BJP’s online campaign making it clear that they will not adopt this century’s values, like seeing LGBT people as respectable. They had used a photo of Arvind Kejriwal, staunch supporter of LGBT rights and betrayer of India’s golden homophobic British Era to drive the point home, by getting the non-profit art collective BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog to design artistic posters of Arvind Kejriwal dressed as a woman.

Artistic image of Arvind Kejriwal dressed as a woman“It was unbelievable,” recalls Mukesh. “I took one look at Arvind dressed like that and my heart started beating faster. He looked gorgeous! I just couldn’t look away from his face. Childhood memories slammed into my mind. Anil and I used to draw bindis and hair on pictures of men in newspapers together. Even then we found that much more attractive than the plain undecorated photos of the men. There was something about this photo. The way the end of the hair turns. The way krantikari is written…”

Mukesh had tears in his eyes, as Anil took on the story. “It was tough being two kids in the habit of drawing bindis and long hair on men. It was our secret pact. Even when I grew up, I never got out of the habit of doing it just like the two of us used to. And this photo was just perfect and it went out in the world and found me my Anil.”

Sources in the media cell are less enthusiastic about this unexpected turn of events. However, when asked to clarify, they refused.

Anil and Mukesh, friends forever have found each other again, and they are totally voting for Kejriwal for bringing them together.

Our reporter asked them why Anil continued to work with BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog when he clearly was crushing on Arvind, and Anil replied on the condition of anonymity that he had to earn an income. “Besides,” he added “Kejriwal is versatile. His clothes don’t matter. He can be himself.”

“The only change in look Modi can carry off is head gear.” he giggled conspiratorially.

We at Fek Le! wish this heartwarming couple much joy together.

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