EXPOSED!!! Aamir Khan behind Modi’s speech problems

An evil plan by the Pakistani agent Aamir Khan working to spread Anarchist Aadmi Party for complete apocalypse of India and the end of civilization as we know it has been exposed by accident after a recent speech by Narendra Modi.

While the organized crowd was quite respectful, three covert agents spying on the speech spontaneously revealed themselves. Modi had used a special technique to expose infiltrators, using the code word “toffee”. While the details of the technique cannot be revealed for secret reasons, the immediate effectiveness of it can be. Here is a second by second account of the investigation.

Chatur Modi victim of Aamir Khan's evil designs

Caution: This is the first image to be created by the in-house Arts department of Fek Le! and may be injurious to (your) health. You may be better off not looking at it.

“The minute Saheb said “toffee”, it was as if the world started moving in slow motion. The man was sitting right next to me, pretending to drink a one rupee tea. On hearing the word “toffee”, he exploded into action, spraying all the people around with liquid. This liquid was later found to be a special Pakistani drink with its recipe unchanged from 1857.”

At another part of the ground, a new drama was evolving. On hearing the word “toffee” repeated twice, a man pulled out what looked like a mobile phone and aimed it directly at the stage. Security had to wrestle him to the ground.

The third embedded spy was the most genius of all. When Amit Shah heard of the incidents, he asked the patriots “kitne aadmi the” and the crowd roared back two, with complete honesty. The patriotic fervor got to be too unbearable for this man with the black heart and he called Amit Shah an IDIOT.

This gave the investigators a clue. Three men had been captured. One of them even said IDIOT. Aamir Khan had been indirectly attacking BJP by telling people to vote only for candidates without criminal record, and Aamir Khan has a proven history of changing speech text to humiliate Chatur speakers. Saheb has been making strange mistakes in his speeches, in spite of being Chatur enough to solve problems of engineers normally.

“See where all this is leading to?” asked the indignant investigator. “It is fortunate we were able to nip this conspiracy in the bud, or all indications were showing that the next big rally was at real risk of being called Balaatkar.” Modi had earlier done two rallies called Hunkar and Lalkar, which could be exploited to show that it was a series for this nefarious scheme.

The paid Congress government took no action against this terrorist cell being operating right under everyone’s noses. The terrorist supporting Anarchist Party started laughing at national security. This is the future India is going to face. National Security will become a laughing matter and terrorists will roam free, unless you vote for Narendra Modi.

Har har Modi!

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