Investigative report: The AAP-BJP alcohol link

AAP volunteer drunk in some or the other place

The truth behind the curious incident in Varanasi, where the normally peace loving BJP workers appeared to assault the Anarchist Aadmi Party volunteers is stunning. All the claims of the Anarchist Aadmi Party have been proved lies, and India Today, who has made sensational revelations about the ugly side of … Continue reading

BJP election campaign reunites friends separated in childhood

They had been inseparable. Friends forever. Or so they thought, till Anil’s parents had a transfer and had to move out of town. Tearful farewells followed, as did promises to stay in touch forever. Alas, that was the world before internet and two little boys could not do the postcards … Continue reading

BJP attempts a hostile takeover of Adobe Systems, makers of photoshop software

New Jersey: The BJP, India’s leading patron of Adobe System’s award winning software Adobe Photoshop, today attempted a hostile takeover of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Official sources indicate that the bid was mounted after the BJP came under increased pressure from Arvind Kejriwal of AAP.  Kejriwal had challenged BJP to prove … Continue reading

The strength of Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal carrying Rahul and Sonia Gandhi

An important photo leaked by investigating agencies shows Kejriwal carrying Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi to an undisclosed location. This has got the BJP worried, as they need Rahul and Sonia to be there for their election campaign to succeed. Dr. Harshvardhan protested that this was unconstitutional. “Kejriwal should be … Continue reading

Angel tattoo mysteriously becomes Narendra Modi on hearing a speech

modi face morphed onto woman back

An amazing miracle has come to light. BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog, a scientific organization that conducts research of claims into paranormal happenings recently certified that a woman who had an angel tattoo on her back heard a Narendra Modi speech and felt a burning sensation on her back. The speech … Continue reading

Aam Aadmi Party to solve Delhi’s power crisis

aam aadmi party aap power generation model

The political watchdog organization BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog claims to have procured secret plans of the Aam Aadmi Party government to resolve the power crisis after power discoms, angry over being required to be honest are engaging in covert power strikes against the state. This plan is said to be … Continue reading

Beware! The Muslims are coming

BJP hate propaganda

An alarming development in South India is the sudden influx of Muslims with “lite” versions of the Pakistani flag. Sickular are in denial. “The Pakistani flag has a white strip denoting minorities with a pole going through it. Just like real life.” However, we know better. A patriotic expert has … Continue reading

Assange reveals that the US government is scared of Narendra Modi

julian assange fake quote by bjp social media cell

BJP supporters today were celebrating the endorsement of Modi from an unlikely quarter, the founder of Wikileaks himself. An image shared by a triumphant BJP supporter shows Assange’s rare quote in Hindi, as a mark of respect to the great man himself. Troubled by the relentless criticism of Hridaysamrat Modi, … Continue reading