Nostradamus’ top ten predictions about India

1) At some point of time in future, a man will lead India and they will no longer be ashamed of being Indian. 2) A language will evolve in India as a language of common people in which Good will translate as ‘achcha’ and Day will translate as ‘din’. 3) … Continue reading

Tulsi Virani becomes the next HRD Minister

Toasting Toaster, Smriti Irani, HRD Minister, Tulsi Virani

New Delhi: In an unexpected move by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he brings in Mrs. Tulsi Virani as his Human Resource Development minister. With her prior experience handling the Virani and Thakral Family affairs, she was pitted in for the role of Home Minister. Toasting Toaster (Senior Investigative Journalist, … Continue reading

Chicken Pulao for Swearing In Ceremony

New Delhi: In an unprecedented gesture, the newly appointed PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi has invited his counterpart Mr. Nawaz Shareef to be part of his swearing in ceremony. It is also learned that he has asked the official caterers Mrs. Baweja & Company to replace Chicken Biriyani with … Continue reading

Ekta Kapoor orders for complete season of Pradhan Mantri

New Delhi: After profound success of the pilot of Pradhan Mantri 101 which was aired today across the Nation on Lok Sabha Television with an astronomical TRP, Ekta Kapoor a well-known Television producer has come forward and ordered for the complete season of the show. Mr. Narendra Modi who comes out … Continue reading

Let the Development begin: Modi ~ @Maddyb65

Let there be development, said Modi

In an unprecedented development Rajnath Singh, the BJP president, has called a press conference and declared that with the current voter participation, and numerous alliances they’ve already reached the magic 272 figure halfway through the election. Rajnath Singh on Friday affirmed that the National Democratic Alliance has secured a clear … Continue reading

#Exposed Giriraj Singh was campaigning against Modi in Bihar

Pakistan in Purnia is in the opposite direction as Nawada from Giriraj's home

In an expose that will rock the BJP, our special correspondent reports on a confidential conversation with Giriraj Singh, BJP candidate for the Nawada constituency in Bihar, who claims to have no hatred for critics of Modi, and was, in fact trying to consolidate them in Bihar in order to defeat … Continue reading

EXPOSED!!! Aamir Khan behind Modi’s speech problems

Chatur Modi victim of Aamir Khan's evil designs

An evil plan by the Pakistani agent Aamir Khan working to spread Anarchist Aadmi Party for complete apocalypse of India and the end of civilization as we know it has been exposed by accident after a recent speech by Narendra Modi. While the organized crowd was quite respectful, three covert … Continue reading

Sneak peak poster of upcoming thriller Gujarat is not Enough

imposter poster gujarat is not enough

Film production house The Unreal Times has released the first poster of its upcoming Loksabha Thriller titled Gujarat is not enough. The poster makes the stunning revelation that after Alok Nath’s stunning debut as himself in Nayak 2, it is Modi’s turn to play himself in the political thriller Gujarat … Continue reading

Nothing can stop Modi from becoming PM now #BJPPhotoshopLaghuUdyog

narendra modi with crown

A recent secret meeting of the Union of BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog karmacharis and esewaks came to the conclusion that they have the capabilities to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister regardless of election results. “Internal assessment of our deployment capabilities have repeatedly shown that regardless of reality, we are … Continue reading

Assange reveals that the US government is scared of Narendra Modi

julian assange fake quote by bjp social media cell

BJP supporters today were celebrating the endorsement of Modi from an unlikely quarter, the founder of Wikileaks himself. An image shared by a triumphant BJP supporter shows Assange’s rare quote in Hindi, as a mark of respect to the great man himself. Troubled by the relentless criticism of Hridaysamrat Modi, … Continue reading