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Rajiv Patail, an Indian origin techie living in Palo Alto California told us about his invention today. He has named it Modinator Modidroid. Modidroid for short.

Modinator Modidroid

Modinator Modidroid

Modidroid is a cross platform software built with Artificial Intelligence and is responsible for running the Gujarat government for past few months now. Rajiv told us that he is a big fan of Mr Modi and wanted to contribute towards Mr Modi’s prime ministerial campaign. He use to make several donations a month but when Anarchist Aadmi Party foreign donations issue was brought into media his favorite party quietly removed NRI donation link from their website. Rajiv therefore could not make monetary contributions subsequently and it is then when this idea of Modidroid struck him.

Rajiv says “It is the future. Why bother humans with menial tasks when a software can do it for you. I wondered that when Mr Modi was spending all his time campaigning, who would run the state. So I came up with a solution. Modinator Modidroid”

Modidroid sits on a server located in Ahmedabad and based on choices Mr Modi has made in the past, it draws a statistical model. This model is then passed through a complex engine which outputs the final result. Rajiv further explains, “The whole idea is that people in CM’s office can use this program to make choices when Mr Modi is not around. The software takes several options as input and based on the data from past it makes a decision, think of it as Modi’s brain. So when he is busy in campaigning this software works as single point of authority on his behalf. ”

We contacted Gujarat CM’s office and received no comment on this software. A source amongst home ministry told us that this is a super secret project and no one except a few people know about it. “We don’t we want people to think no work is getting done Mr Modi is not around” our source said.

We asked if Rajiv if he would ever release Modidroid for other CMs and his answer was “No.” If Rajiv would have thought of something like MMSdroid earlier then our economy probably would not have been in a bad shape.

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