Cheatan to star Modi in Revolution 2014. ~ @arhn7

By now everyone has heard about the Cheatan and Modi selfie. Modi ji not only tweeted his selfie with Cheatan but also wished Cheatan on his birthday. What more can a semi popular author ask for. Cheatan is returning the favor by starring Modi in his next movie ‘Revolution 2014’. So we tried to contact Cheatan but his website was down returning ‘Internal Server Errors.’ Later we were able to get in touch and here is how the QA session with our reporter Arnoob went:

Arnoob: Are you serious Cheatan ?

Cheatan: Why, I am always serious.

Arnoob: No, I mean are you making a movie with Mr Modi starring in it ?

Cheatan: Yes(with a broad smile) have you seen my selfie with him, here let me show you…(pops his mobile out)

Arnoob: I have seen it, yes…

Cheatan: Oh, so yea I am making a movie starring Modi. He is just so perfect.

Arnoob: Whats this movie about, communal harmony ? (smirks)

Cheatan: No this is based of one of my intensely popular books. Book was super duper hit amongst youth.

Arnoob: Yea yea, anyway, what role would he play ?

Cheatan: Gopal, a character from my book fits well for Mr. Modi. Gopal comes from a humble background, struggles and builds an highly profitable education institution in the book. Mr Modi also comes from a humble background and now is a successful leader. He is so awesome and did I tell you he is so perfect ?

Arnoob: Err… Yea yea so don’t you think Modi is a bit old to play Gopal who is like a young character in your book.

Cheatan: Look at his 56 inch chest, he is a young fellow.

Arnoob: Oh… but wait… what has chest to do with … oh nevermind. I have read your book, Gopal builds that successful business by being dishonest and corrupt. Do you think Modi would fit that role, considering his impeccable image and character ?

Cheatan: (thinks for a little bit) yes so what, Modi did what he had to do. We need revolution, and I think Modi is the one. One true savior.

Arnoob: How do you mean ?

Cheatan: You know a leader has the youth pulse when he can discuss job creation and is still up for a selfie! ?

Arnoob: What has selfie got anything to do with job creation … ?

Cheatan: Means, “he is cool bro”.

Arnoob: Meaning ?

Cheatan: Yaar, he is so hep and cool. Does selfies. He is like bare skin on a metal yaar.

Arnoob: (Confused)oh okay. Who is the female lead in your movie ?

Cheatan: I will have to change the story a little bit, you see Mr Modi is a bachelor. So we don’t need a female lead. Most eligible bachelor yaar.

Arnoob: But Mr Modi is not a bachelor…


Arnoob: But, you only said he has a wife so he is not a bachelor “technically”, right ?


Arnoob: Oh sorry about that, anyway, what about other lead characters ?

Cheatan: Not sure yet, but I have to star Admani’s relative also. It was a package deal with Mr Modi.

Arnoob: Thanks so much for you time.

Cheaten: No problem, call me for any live debates you have.

Arnoob: No, fekle is a news satire website.

Cheaten: Like that Raushan guy ?

Arnoob: No not like him, please.

Cheatan: Oh, in that case… uhmm… follow me on twitter (winks). Have you seen 2 states ? Its such a great movie, I could not sleep after watching it … *very long narrative about 2 states* (we had to omit it for brevity, sorry Cheatan.)

Arnoob: Cool, thanks.

Cheatan: Thank you, btw if you want me to do a satire piece for you let me know.

So this was it, our interview with Cheatan. We wish all the luck to Cheatan for his movie.

– Arnoob and Sags.

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