Journalist asks ‘Kya yahan Modi lehar hai?” at restaurant, gets menu card instead

Prominent TimesNow journalist Mallika Bhatt’s Election Special evoked mixed reactions on Friday when Ms. Bhatt, reporting “on the ground” for the 2014 polls, decided to check out the voter’s pulse at the Udupi King restaurant.

Out of sheer habit, Ms. Bhatt thrust the mike at a customer Ramesh Kumar – who was obviously relishing his masala dosa- and asked “Kya yahan Modi lehar hai?”. Ramesh Kumar mumbled something with his mouth full, frantically nodded to the waiter for a glass of water and pointed at the broken fan. An ecstatic Mallika Bhatt turned to the camera – “There’s a huge Modi wave right here just as I speak. Ramesh Kumar here says only Modi can deliver bijli and paani”. Ramesh Kumar looked aghast for a moment, but then shrugged it off and tackled the rest of the Masala Dosa

Mallika went up to her next victim waiter Narayanappa, alias chotu, with “Kya yahan Modi lehar hai?”. A surprised Narayanappa replied “nahin madam, lekin masala dosa, rava dosa, plain dosa, set dosa, uttappam, aur idli vada milega”. An irritated Mallika told him she didn’t need dosa but wanted to know the pulse of the electorate at Udupi King. “Pulse dekhna hai to doctor ke paas jao na”, said an equaly irritated Narayanappa.

On hearing the commotion, Rakesh Shetty, the owner of Udupi King came running with the menu – “Madam, menu padhiye. Menu mein sab kuch hai”. “But, Modiji?” protested Mallika, as Mr. Shetty handed over the menu card.

Back in the studio, Arnab Goswami discussed the Modi wave on the Newshour. An elated Meenakshi lekhi said Udupi King was proof of the Modi wave in the country. Lekhi also made a vieled threat to break Mr. Shetty’s bones once Modi came to power. Meanwhile, Modi fans on Social Media circulated morphed pics of Ramesh Kumar eating a masala dosa sporting a saffron cap under the caption “Modi fan prefers Modi to Masala dosa”

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