There are times when the truth cannot be told. It is too embarrassing, or inconvenient. Such is a time when it is useful to Fek le!

This is a sarcastic blog with much truth and no facts to interfere with it.

This blog is run by Vidyut, the blogger of the AamJanata blog with socio-political commentary relevant to the common man of India.

On a serious note, it also is a political expression of irreverence against the bullying of political adversaries by BJP organized social media. Any images under the category “BJP Photoshop Laghu Udyog” are from disinformation spread by BJP social media accounts and reproduced without any editing.

Comments are generally not censored. Obscene comments are an exception. We consider them content submitted to this blog and do with them whatever our whim tells us. We make no claims to being fair about it.

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