(चुनाव के पहले) मोदी: इस देश की अर्थव्यवस्था किसने बिगाड़ी? भक्त: मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी: किसने बिगाड़ी? भक्त: मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी: तो %&^*^(&$*&%* कौन? भक्त: मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी: तो इसको सुधारेगा कौन? भक्त: मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी.. मोदी: तो वोट किसको दोगे? भक्त: मोदी.. मोदी.. … Continue reading

Nostradamus’ top ten predictions about India

1) At some point of time in future, a man will lead India and they will no longer be ashamed of being Indian. 2) A language will evolve in India as a language of common people in which Good will translate as ‘achcha’ and Day will translate as ‘din’. 3) … Continue reading

“Once we oxidize US of A, we will go ahead to oxidize the whole world” : Trump

Donald Trump was asked “If oxygen was discovered in 1783, how could human breathe before?” He answered at length as follows: I have to say a lot of people have been asking this question. No, really. A lot of people come up to me, and they ask me. They say, … Continue reading

The truth of Champagne Liberals #Leaked

Anupam Kher: Only ‘champagne liberals’ talk about intolerance. …there are some people in the party [BJP] who speak nonsense, and ill-behave, whether it is Sadhvi or Yogi…they should be put behind the bars, thrown out of the party.

Sadhvi Prachi: That’s sheer intolerance!

Anupam Kher: You’re a champagne liberal!

Sadhvi Prachi: Wh…at? I am what?

Anupam Kher: Shut up or I’ll call police.

Sadhvi Prachi: We will continue our fight for the Hindu cause and if you have courage, you should jail me and Yogi Adityanath.

Yogi Adityanath: Anupam Kher has proved that he is a villain not only on reel but also in real life.

Anupam Kher: That’s intolerance!

Sadhvi Prachi and Yogi: You’re a champagne liberal!

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The Angry Indian guide to mass murder

Wajah-ul-Qatal by HKS Qaeda satire

“Mass murder by chemicals should be punishable by death while the same by more organic methods will be looked upon with much leniency,” opines an expert who does not want to be named, studying streams of cascading data on his laptop before a state-of-the-art research center in Denialistan. “Because we must all … Continue reading

Heartbroken by Barack’s National Prayer breakfast, Modi asks Amit Shah to investigate

Prime Minister Mr. Modi with Barak

Intelligence agencies in India have flagged Barak’s National Prayer Breakfast speech as alarming. “It is impossible that after having such a thrilling experience at our Republic Day, and being our Prime Minister’s best friend, he forgot so soon.” a senior official shared, on the condition of confidentiality. “Baba Ramdev has … Continue reading

The Government has returned 15 Lakhs as promised, but you just don’t know about it.

New Delhi: In a shocking revelation by the finance ministry, Arun Jaitley, popularly known as 78% Media Mantri and 22% Finance minister, has revealed some shocking information in the Rajya Sabha today that has shaken the very existence and being of all Indians. During the ongoing parliament section, there has … Continue reading