What is #AltSarkar?

#AltSarkar is a spoof govt on Twitter. We do everything we wish the govt had done and undo everything we wish they hadn’t done.

The idea is simple. There is no shortage of people with insight on various areas of relevance to policies. Yet somehow, we seem perpetually stuck with theatrical announcements of drastic policies that only make things harder for the common man, as well as the country.

What if the good ideas were actually accepted? What if the bad ones were reversed?

Welcome to a fictional world that largely plays out on Twitter to find out what happens. We also don’t know where we are going with this, but it is going to be good.

All the people selected for various roles have been selected for already having given the subject some thought and offered good ideas.

This is also a multi-pronged idea to offer some safe space for criticism and creative dissent + lots of entertaining humor from the play acting + educate people on what exactly they have been cheated out on the competence front by distracting them with theatrics.


The characters revealed so far:

  • @Vidyut as the Prime Minister elect who won a poll against the Prime Minister of India in a landslide victory securing more than six times the votes he got.
  • @sonaliranade as the governor of RBI @Alt_RBI
  • @TheRovingMenhir as COAS
  • @rupagulab @ranjona and @MediaPrachaar as news media/journalists.
  • @databaazi as CEO of UIDAI
  • @iam_anandv as Chairman of GSTN

More characters will be revealed when the Cabinet is announced on Saturday.

  • This page will be updated as we evolve.

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