Announcement by Alt Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare

AltSarkar agri ministry proposes to recognize micro & urban cultivation. Many growers grow exotic plants, others engage in urban farming. Such cultivation spaces r not standard agri plots & is difficult to register a nursery/ cultivation based business without agri land records

This recognizes cultivators of plants, particularly for bizz, on non-agri land.
Eg of plants that r often grown indoors or in small places terraces/balconies include bonsai,succulents, carnivorous plants,other rare & exotic ornamentals with aesthetic/scientific value. The value of these plants is sufficiently high to allow profitable business in limited space. Indian collectors will now be able to become a part of worldwide thriving business, which they could not earlier, as registering a business becomes necessary to export plants. Import and export of plants by such cultivators will now be simplified and in accordance with national and international rules and requirements like phytosanitary certificates and CITES compliance, opening a new avenue vis a vis micro and urban cultivation in India ! This has the potential to create alternative employment for skilled farmers who come to cities. This will also have the effect of encouraging greenery in urban spaces, improving air quality, cooling buildings and encouraging an interest in plant life among urban youth.

Income from such cultivation will be considered agricultural income and be exempt from taxes. However micro and urban cultivators will not be eligible for agricultural subsidies, loans and insurance. AltSarkar
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