Acceptance Speech of Alt Minister of Sports

AltSarkar I am so pleased to work under our dear AltPM Vidyut in helping improve the state of sport in our country as AltSportsMinister.

Here is a glimpse of my mission statement.
  1. Implementation of the revised National Sports Code one which will effectively limit the involvement of politicians in running sport. Politicians are welcome to help as they please, but professionals will head bodies. No ‘honorary’ posts – you will be paid a salary, and term will depend on your performance.
  2. Introduction of sport into schools/colleges. Let’s have more incentives than just getting into a corporate job. University-level sport will be revolutionised. More measures to introduce sport at local level, which will be revealed in due course.
  3. Dope-testing and clamping down on age fraud will be two of the highest-priority projects. India has had champions at youth level, who fall off the radar after that. The reason, in many cases, is that there is no proper tracking of an athlete’s actual age this makes him/her inferior when stepping up to the senior level. We will ensure that measures are put in place to tackle both this, and doping. And we won’t punish the athletes alone (and in the same quantum as before) any coach or academy associated with these practices will be put on a blacklist, and a committee of experts (ex-Olympians, prominent international players of unquestionable integrity) will look into their cases to determine the best corrective action.
  4. There are plenty of corporates involved in Indian sport, but at the moment there’s no clear picture of where their role ends, and that of the centre begins. We will bring corporates on board to support and offer technical expertise to a bouquet of sports that they see fit with their brand/corporate culture. Will request Alt Finance Minister to factor in budgets that can offer incentives for corporates that get involved in sports, especially at grassroots level.
  5. National sports universities in at least five or six towns/cities across India. You will have the best facilities, access to grounds, coaching, tutors, and across all sports disciplines. We’ll tie up with existing academies, offering them a chance to go beyond catchment areas. We will organise exchange programs, both within these centres, as well as similar institutions abroad.
Lots more to come. And of course, Happy National Sports Day! Jai Hind.
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  1. Very well articulated.
    1) The first point is the right priority so required for our sports federations. Follow Ajay Maken’s bill that did not get passed – it has a lot of good points and a lot of politicians were opposed to it.
    2) There should not be a place of worship without it sponsoring a school or college. There cannot be a place of study without sporting facilities. Mandate this, create a set of standards, shared facilities should be fine. Indoor facilities particularly must be built so that they can be shared across several sports and institutions.
    3) Legalize gambling in sports a big way so that revenue generated can be pushed into education and sports
    4) No quota system, please. Meritocracy and continued support

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